Thought Leadership

Mike Diamond
Founding Partner


Mike Diamond comes from the diverse locales of the campaign trail, the Wall Street trading floor, and the classroom. Mike brings a mathematicianís insight to the Castle team and supports our process through quantitative analysis, strategic insight, and application of communication and decision theory.

As Founder and President of Diamond Political Consulting and, Mike continues to provide quality, custom-targeted voter files. Mike has also worked in every capacity from campaign manager, to strategic planning and policy articulation, to coordinating fundraising and field programs, to knocking door to door.

Prior to his time in politics, Mike worked as an analyst with MKP Capital Management, a leading Wall Street hedge fund where he was responsible for assessing risk, creating and evaluating trade ideas, and developing proprietary models for derivatives pricing.

Mike graduated from Brandeis University, taking degrees in Economics, Philosophy, & History, and has an extensive background in advanced mathematical modeling specializing in non-linear mathematics, stochastic calculus and statistical analysis.

Warner Macklin, J.D.
Founding Partner


Warner N. Macklin III, JD., is Co-Founder and Partner of Castle Strategies.

Warner has proven himself a valuable asset in the fields of consulting, business development, government, and politics. He has shepherded many businesses and government through services excompassing contract administration, strategy, communications & community affairs, and fundraising. Warner has also served as an appointed government official at the state and local levels where he had hands on experience in government operations, grant procurement & disbursement, community ourteach and crisis management. In a campaign setting, Warner has served in multiple senior staff positions on local, state and federal campaigns.

In the private sector, Warner served at the VP level at one of the largest commercial banks in the country and also served as a Corporate Manager at the same institution. He has also worked as senior vice president for a Pittsburgh based merchant bank where he assisted the firms' leadership on client syndicate financing along with communications and strategic matters.

Warner is a graduate of Brandeis University, earning degrees in Political Science and American Studies, and of the Duquesne University School of Law. He has received a corporate credit analysis certificate from the PNC Financial Services Credit and Risk Management department.

Warner has experience on various community, not-for-profit, educational and private business boards of directors and trustees, and is a proud Eagle Scout!


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