Representative Projects

Corporate Valuation & Restructuring

  • What started as a family business has grown into a $60M per year concern. With multiple revenue streams, the business has been managed reactively, cautiously defending all aspects of its business. Building a custom valuation model, Castle determined that specific products defined the company and its revenue base.
  • Focusing on customer behavior patterns, it quickly became evident that the intrinsic value in the company came from two sources: repeating revenue and multi-decade customer loyalty. Applying these results to refocus the business has permitted pro-active, strategic growth, and increased efficiency by taking focus off of ancillary components of the business.
  • Ultimately, the market capitalization of the company increased by over 20% in a year, simply by refocusing on what was important.

Bridge Funding

  • A small technology manufacturing company located in the Mid-West required $36mm in financing to build a new manufacturing facility, expand workforce and pay down some existing debt. At the time the company also received two multi-million dollar orders for equipment the company produced. However the company did not have the space or staffing capacity to fulfill either contract obligation.
  • Focusing on the two contract orders and the real estate needs of the company, our team was able to pull various financial institutions into discussions about providing a credit facility for the technology manufacturing company. None of the institutions, however, were willing to assume all the risk to become the stand alone financing agency. After detailed negotiations, our team was able to craft an arrangement between several banks with additional support from specialized gap financing institutions to form a syndicate to distribute the risk.
  • With committed financing in place the company was able to close on the contracts and fulfilll the orders in a new warehouse facility with the needed workforce and manageable structured debt levels. In the spirit of full service, our team members were even able to find a replacement tenant for the vacated leased space.

Campaign & Candidate Development

  • A retired teacher, businesswomen and community leader made the decision to run for political office in response to the strong support poor quality candidates were receiving from the political leadership of her city.
  • Castle worked with her to understand the challenges of running in her particular District, to ascertain opportunities within the political climate, and to mitigate the negative response some political and party leaders had toward her run for elective office. We were able to build a strategic plan for this candidate that focused on leveraging existing political assets to develop self-reinforcing political support.
  • Our team provided day-to-day management of the campaign while we recruited a full-time campaign manager. Simultaneously, we articulated a fund-raising plan and recruited a respected campaign Chairman and Finance Committee membership that raised the necessary funds to allow the campaign to be competitive without incurring debt. Finally, we analyzed and targeted the district while erecting a field organization that executed persuasion over a large and diverse geo-demographic District.
  • Since she was running against the proverbial "political machine" in a contested primary, we also had to rapidly develop a solid crisis management communications operation to anticipate and deflect much of the baseless negative campaigning utilized by the opposition, while concurrently promoting a factual and nuanced portrait of the candidate, permitting us to keep the public relations edge in a positive fashion. This operation, its philosophy and key participants, has served as the model for numerous state and local races in the surrounding geographic area.
  • With Castle complementing her strong qaulifications, this candidate was able to achieve victory in a hostile political climate and served with distinction for several terms before electing to transition to a non-public position within the Party leadership; an impossibility before her successful run.


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